Brian Goh


About me

Expressing my thoughts isn’t my best skill. I would prefer to keep my thoughts to myself rather than voicing them out to others. Perhaps it is because I am an introvert. Or it could be that my guard is always up; what others know about me could one day be used against myself. Either way, expressing my thoughts or feeling to others doesn’t come naturally to me. It is in fact, rather awkward at times.

The title says it all. What I am trying to achieve. By starting this page, I hope that I can find an avenue where I can express myself freely. Not through my voice, but through my words. It is a step ahead for me and by taking this step I hope that maybe one day, I can overcome the walls I have built around me and be able to find my voice.

It will be a long and uncomfortable journey for me. But no one ever said that journeys have to be easy, nor in comfort. It’s time for me to venture out of my comfort zone, and start sharing more about myself to others. Every journey begins with a single step. Here is my first step. For myself.

It’s time to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.